Kali Audio WS-12 Subwoofer Features:

  • 1,000W, 12″ powered subwoofer
  • 23Hz–160Hz frequency response faithfully reproduces your mix’s low-frequency content
  • 123dB max SPL — loud enough for 5.1 arrays and light PA use (5.1 systems require an external processor and crossover)
  • Built-in limiter circuit protects against unsafe voltage levels
  • Small size fits easily under your desk and in most small passenger cars
  • Mega-durable 18mm plywood enclosure and roadworthy side handles
  • Low-noise port tube yields clean, punchy bass with zero chuffing
  • Selectable crossovers every 20Hz between 40Hz and 140Hz for use in a myriad of applications
  • Presets for Kali’s LP-6, LP-8, and IN-8 studio monitors, plus LFE and external crossover settings
  • 4 preset gain adjustment settings compensate for the sub’s positioning
  • Polarity reverse function resolves a common sonic problem
  • RCA inputs accommodate consumer-grade devices
  • Power-saving standby mode
  • Rear-panel jack enables you to use a 3rd-party footswitch to bypass the subwoofer
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Unveil Your Mix’s Low End

Do your mixes sound great in your studio, but like mud on large, full-range systems? If so, you need a subwoofer like the Kali Audio WS-12. This powered sub boasts 1,000 watts, a 23Hz–160Hz frequency response, and a 123dB maximum SPL, giving it enough volume to handle any situation and enough low-end extension to faithfully reproduce your mix’s low-frequency content. Plus — like other Kali Audio speakers — the WS-12’s low-noise port tube yields clean, punchy bass. This subwoofer is infinitely versatile, thanks to back-panel dip switches that control its crossover frequency, output level, polarity, and more. Beyond that, a rear-panel jack enables you to use a third-party footswitch to bypass the subwoofer — a must-have for studio applications. The WS-12 is small enough to fit anywhere, yet durable enough to withstand the rigors of the road. Whether you need to mix low-frequency content, or want to add punch to your setup, Kali’s WS-12 will deliver the performance you demand.

Enough output and bandwidth to tackle any situation

The WS-12 unveils every detail of your mix’s low end, all the way down to 23Hz at -10dB. This powered subwoofer tackles bass-heavy genres like EDM and hip-hop like a champ, and flawlessly reproduces the super-low-frequency content inherent in film soundtracks. Packing 1,000 watts, the WS-12 delivers impressive output — enough for a 5.1 array of LP-8 studio monitors. It’s even loud enough for light PA use! At Sweetwater, we appreciate the WS-12’s built-in limiter circuit, which protects the sub from unsafe voltage levels.

Versatile form factor and rock-solid build quality

The Kali Audio WS-12 is the perfect size. It fits easily under your desk — even in a small studio. What’s more, its mega-durable 18mm plywood enclosure and sturdy side handles make it roadworthy enough for live use. It’s also small enough to fit in most small passenger cars, so transportating it is child’s play.

Low-noise port tube exhibits clean, punchy low end

One of the WS-12’s most novel features is its low-noise port tube. Many port tubes emit turbulence, as air leaves the tube at different speeds from different points of the opening. This turbulence produces chuffing — a noisy sound that obscures the low-end details of your mix. The WS-12’s port tube, on the other hand, ensures that all of the air exits at the same velocity. The end result is clean, punchy bass with zero added noise.

Robust configuration options cover myriad applications

You can use the WS-12 in a myriad of applications, thanks to its robust configuration options. Its rear-panel dip switches provide you with selectable crossovers every 20Hz between 40Hz and 140Hz, along with presets for Kali’s LP-6LP-8, and IN-8 studio monitors, plus LFE and external crossover settings. You can also select between four preset gain adjustment settings, reverse the subwoofer’s polarity, enable and disable its RCA inputs, and enable and disable its standby mode. To top it off, a rear-panel jack enables you to use a third-party footswitch to bypass the subwoofer — a must-have feature in the studio.

Powered Yes
Speaker Size 12″
Total Power 1000W Class D
Frequency Range 23Hz-160Hz (-10dB), 30Hz-160Hz (±3dB)
Crossover Frequency Adjustable
Maximum Peak SPL 123dB SPL
Input Types 2 x XLR-1/4″ combo, 1 x Dual RCA Stereo
Output Types 2 x XLR
Other I/O 1 x 1/4″ (footswitch)
Enclosure Type Front Ported
Enclosure Material 18mm Plywood
Height 19.2″
Width 17.2″
Depth 20.5″
Weight 58 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number WS-12