KRK V4 S4 4 inch Powered Studio Monitor

KRK V4 S4 4 inch Powered Studio Monitor

KRK V4 Series 4 Features:

  • Designed with help from hundreds of pro engineers and producers
  • A serious option for mixing and mastering music, scoring film and television, and video game sound design
  • Audiophile playback
  • Powerful, lightweight Class D amps (55W and 30W)
  • Aluminum/MDF enclosure is tuned for accuracy
  • 4″ Kevlar woven woofer in front for ported hard-hitting bass and a palpable midrange
  • 1″ Kevlar dome tweeter is sweet and non-fatiguing
  • Flat response from 58Hz to 19kHz (±3dB)
  • 14 user EQs adjust for room acoustics, placement, and personal taste
  • 7-way level attenuator works in 0.5dB increments
  • EVA foam pad is secure and acoustically isolating
  • Friction-lock Neutrik connector keeps XLR or TRS cables from vibrating loose
  • Auto-standby after 30 minutes of nonuse
  • Threaded bracket for stand mounting
  • Optional grills are included
  • Sold individually
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A Modestly Priced, Reference-level Nearfield

KRK worked with hundreds of engineers and producers to get the response right for its V4 Series 4 monitors. The key ingredients were a ported cast-aluminum/MDF enclosure and a complement of custom Kevlar drivers: a 4″ woven woofer and 1″ dome tweeter that are, together, flat from 58Hz to 19Khz (±3dB). This full, flat response makes KRK V4 Series 4s a serious budget option for mixing, mastering, and all demanding listening applications.

KRK V4 Series 4 monitors: not just a pretty face

Under the hood, KRK’s dual Class D amplifiers deliver 85 watts to the drivers for an impressive 110dB SPL. Its 14 user-selectable EQ settings allow you to overcome shortcomings in your listening environment. Other features that impressed us at Sweetwater include a friction-lock Neutrik connector for XLR or TRS cables, a universal threaded mounting bracket, a precise 7-way attenuation switch for level matching, and an EVA foam pad for acoustic isolation.

Powered Yes
Power Configuration Bi-amped
Quantity Single
LF Driver Size 4″ woofer
HF Driver Size 1″ tweeter
LF Driver Power Amp 55W
HF Driver Power Amp 30W
Total Power 85W
Frequency Range 50Hz-24kHz
Frequency Response 58Hz-19kHz
Maximum Peak SPL 110 dB SPL
Input Types 1 x XLR-1/4″ combo
Features High/Low shelf EQ settings, dB level attenuation
Enclosure Type Ported
Height 10″
Width 8.5″
Depth 6.5″
Weight 12.7 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number V4S4-NA