KRK Classic 7 7-inch Powered Studio Monitor

KRK Classic 7 7-inch Powered Studio Monitor

KRK Classic 7 Powered Studio Monitor Features:

  • 7-inch woofer and 1-inch tweeter for impressive volume and presence through 73W of power
  • Facilitates improved critical listening through ROKIT-inspired flat frequency default
  • Included +2 dB KRK Bass Boost to emphasize low-end frequencies
  • Smart companion for mixers and audio interfaces in the studio
  • Great connectivity options through XLR, TRS, and RCA inputs
  • Built-in auto limiter to reduce harmful and unwanted peaking
  • Foam isolation pads for surface protection and improved clarity
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Classic KRK Sound with Enhanced Mixing Capability

The Classic 7 Powered Studio Monitor effortlessly delivers the renowned sonic accuracy and performance that has come to be synonymous with KRK. This is due in part to taking a page out of the book of the company’s successful ROKIT line: the Classic 7 defaults to a flat frequency that invites more critical listening, which in turn makes your mixes more accurate. You also benefit from the +2 dB KRK Bass Boost, enhancing the the response of the lower end of your mix with clear, convincing results. The Classic 7 is an active monitor boasting a 7-inch glass woofer and 1-inch soft dome tweeter that combine for an impressive 73 watts of power. It features universal connectivity with XLR, 1/4 inch TRS, and RCA inputs — making it compatible with just about any audio interface or mixer you want to pair with it. Producers here at Sweetwater are big fans of the system-optimized auto limiter, which drastically reduces sporadic peaks and protects both the speaker and overall sound.

Dual threat with connectivity and clarity

Whether you’re mixing a precise sound setup, or looking for accurate playback while producing, the Classic 7 is sure to deliver top-shelf results. Run mic cables with the XLR input, link your TRS cable for a larger stereo sound, and use the RCA as your phono connector. Additionally, the built in-volume control, auto limiter, and bass boost allow you to fine-tune your sound with crisp accuracy every time. Plus, foam isolation pads underneath the Classic 7 do more than just protect the surface your monitor sits on; they also improve clarity and overall sonic delivery.

Powered Yes
Power Configuration Bi-amped
Quantity Single
LF Driver Size 7″ Woofer
LF Driver Type Glass Aramid
HF Driver Size 1″ Tweeter
HF Driver Type Soft Dome
LF Driver Power Amp 48W
HF Driver Power Amp 25W
Total Power 73W Class AB
Frequency Range 37Hz-40kHz
Frequency Response 47.5Hz-34.5kHz
Crossover Frequency 2.3kHz
Maximum Peak SPL 101 dB
Input Types 1 x XLR, 1 x 1/4″ TRS, 1 x RCA
Features High/Low Frequency Boost/Cut
Enclosure Type Front Ported
Enclosure Material MDF with Black Vinyl wrap
Height 11.40″
Width 8.90″
Depth 13.07″
Weight 18.5 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number CL7G3-NA