Dynaudio 9S 9.5 inch Powered Studio Subwoofer

Dynaudio 9S 9.5 inch Powered Studio Subwoofer

Dynaudio 9S Powered Subwoofer Features:

  • Onboard 300-watt Class D amplifier module
  • Sealed-cabinet design
  • Double front baffle maximizes rigidity for higher-volume listening sessions
  • Adjustable lowpass filter makes it easy to set the ideal crossover frequency
  • 9.5″ MSP long-throw woofer for accurate low-frequency reproduction
  • Frequency response: 22Hz–175Hz ±3dB
  • Defeatable highpass filter
  • Master/Slave feature for daisy-chaining multiple subwoofers
  • Balanced XLR connectors
  • Auto On/Off for energy conservation
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End the Low-end Guesswork

Are you making educated guesses as to what’s going on in the bottom octave of your recordings? It may be time to add a subwoofer to your monitor setup. The Dynaudio 9S is a studio-grade subwoofer that extends your monitoring down to 22Hz. That’s low enough to feel the crush of a well-recorded kick drum or the full weight of the low B on a 5-string bass. The 9S features Dynaudio’s proprietary MSP long-throw woofer in a sealed-box design with an innovative double front baffle, driven by a state-of-the-art onboard 300-watt Class D amplifier. Its stylish cabinet will look great in your control room, but it’s also compact and easy to place unobtrusively. Adding the 9S to your monitoring system opens up a new world of performance that lets you record, mix, and master with accuracy and precision to deliver tracks that translate well to other playback systems.

Dynaudio knows what they’re doing

At Sweetwater, Dynaudio commands respect. With over three decades of experience building speaker drivers, the Danish company knows what goes into a great monitor speaker. Add to that 20-plus years of producing professional monitors for top studios, and you have a company perspective that few pro audio manufacturers can match. Dynaudio’s proprietary driver technologies produce monitors that are neutral and uncolored. This silky clarity, in combination with amazing dynamic capabilities, deliver monitors that let you work marathon sessions without ear fatigue — all while producing superior-sounding results.