Arturia KeyStep 37 37-key Controller & Sequencer

Arturia KeyStep 37 37-key Controller & Sequencer


Arturia KeyStep 37 37-key MIDI Controller & Sequencer Feature

  • 37-note keyboard with velocity and aftertouch
  • CV pitch, gate, and mod connections for integration with modular synth setups
  • RGB LED keyboard indicators for note tracking
  • 64-step sequencer with 8 patterns and 8-note polyphony per step
  • Step recording and live recording sequencer modes
  • Mono and overdub recording options
  • 8-mode arpeggiator with new random modes
  • Chord mode offers 12 chord voicings, including a user-defined chord
  • Unique strum, velocity, and note controls for Chord mode
  • Scale mode lets you quantize the keyboard to a scale of your choice
  • 5 scales to choose from, including a user-defined scale
  • 16 assignable and adjustable MIDI CC controls
  • USB, MIDI, CV, and clock connectivity
  • Includes Ableton Live Lite, MIDI Control Center (for MIDI mapping), USB cable, anti-Ground Loop adapter


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Enhanced Compact MIDI Control

The Arturia KeyStep 37 offers a fresh approach to MIDI control and sequencing. While many modern musicians have become accustomed to using their keyboard controller for basic note input only and doing all sequencing and arranging in their DAW, there are many situations where hardware control over sequencing, arpeggiation, and chord and scale modes offers a distinct advantage. That’s where the KeyStep 37 comes in. Arturia has packed this compact controller with advanced features that will supercharge your music creation process. Beyond its 37-note keyboard, knobs, buttons, and LED screen, there’s a lot of high tech under the hood that doesn’t readily meet the eye.

Packed with advanced features

The KeyStep 37’s velocity-sensitive keybed has aftertouch — something you typically see only on high-ticket controllers — as well as RGB LED feedback. Take a look at the rear panel and you’ll see control-voltage (CV) pitch, gate, and modulation connections for integration with modular synth setups. Then there’s the 64-step polyphonic sequencer with eight patterns, an 8-mode arpeggiator with new random modes, and a unique Chord mode with 12 voicings. You’ll appreciate the capacitive pitch and mod strips, which are easy to play but don’t have moving parts to collect dust or get damaged. Add in 5-pin MIDI DIN I/O as well as USB-MIDI and USB bus power, and it all adds up to a formidable, attractive, compact, and roadworthy package designed for the modern musician and producer on-the-go.

Highly playable keyboard

While 37 synth-weighted mini keys obviously won’t satisfy serious concert pianists, the KeyStep 37 will hit the sweet spot for many musicians looking for playability in a compact package. Three octaves is an expansive enough range to accommodate limited two-handed playing and melodic lines that incorporate octave displacement without having to hit the octave shift buttons (which are conveniently located, in any event). And Arturia made sure the keybed is highly playable. The piano-style keys are a bit larger, with wider spacing than most minis on the market, and assuming you have average-sized hands, they are satisfying to play and feel great to dig into.

Interactive music creation

The KeyStep 37’s advanced features offer an interactive and uniquely creative way to write, arrange, and produce your music. At Sweetwater, we’re particularly impressed with Arturia’s unique, enhanced Chord mode, which lets you choose from 12 chord types and a selection of strum effects, and spread the voices out into complex, velocity-sensitive parts that sound and respond like a real stringed instrument. Get exotic with Scale mode, where you can map out KeyStep’s 3-octave keyboard range with a scale of your choosing. Don’t worry, you can’t hit a wrong note — any key you play will automatically quantize to the closest note in your selected scale.

Sophisticated creative control

KeyStep 37 gives you sophisticated control over the inner workings of your hardware and software. 16 MIDI CC parameters across four switchable banks let you adjust your settings in real time using KeyStep’s four new rotary controllers. Connect your hardware synths with MIDI I/O. Take command over your VST instruments with MIDI over USB. Integrate your modular gear using the CV pitch, gate, and mod ports. KeyStep’s onboard clock connectivity keeps your entire rig in sync. To get you up and running right out of the box, the KeyStep 37 includes Ableton Live Lite and the MIDI Control Center app for effortless MIDI mapping or your Mac or PC. Take creative control over your MIDI setup with the Arturia KeyStep 37.

Type Keyboard Controller with Sequencer
Number of Keys 37
Type of Keys Synth action, SlimKey Keybed
Velocity Sensitive Yes
Aftertouch Yes
Other Controllers Pitchbend, Modulation Touch Strips
Sequencer 64-step, 8-note polyphony, 8-pattern slots
Pedal Inputs 1 x 1/4″ (sustain)
USB 1 x Type B
Other I/O 2 x 1/8″ (sync in/out), 3 x 1/8″ (CV Mod/Gate/Pitch)
Computer Connectivity USB
Features Scale Mode, Chord Mode, 8-mode Arpeggiator
Software MIDI Control Center app, Ableton Live Lite
Power Supply USB bus powered / 12V DC 1.5A power supply (sold separately)
Height 1.38″
Width 21.7″
Depth 5.78″
Weight 3.5 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number 430221